Last Name Brown First Name...

Who knew that three artists who all share the same last name would have so much in common? How much in common do they have? You have to read on to find out in Last Name Brown First Name...

Chris Brown
Chris Brown has replaced Bobby Brown as the Bad Boy Of R&B. Though Bobby Brown still occasionally makes the headlines for DUI charges he has simmered down quite a bit.

It seems like with Chris Brown trouble seems to follow him wherever he goes. Most recently Chris Brown attended a club along with his entourage the same night Drake and his entourage did. Unfortunately the celebratory night took a turn for the worse when Drake allegedly provoked Brown with a nasty letter detailing his relationship with ex flame Rihanna. The brawl caused numerous injuries  from both parties prompting in lawsuits and the club closing its doors.

We can't forget Chris Brown and his numerous Twitter beefs with fans, critics, skeptics, and other celebrities. His temper tantrums are now industry legend. What can't be denied is his talent. His knack for turning out hit singles and his moves on the dance floor. Its his performances on award shows that are usually the highlight of award shows.

What exactly troubles Chris Brown's soul remains unknown but with a last name like Brown notoriety seems to follow the name.

Bobby Brown
While Chris Brown was in diapers Bobby Brown was turning things out with his own brand of R&B. He was R&B's Bad Boy for his numerous run ins with the law. Who can forget his volatile and tumultuous relationship with the late Whitney Houston.

Like Chris Brown it seemed like trouble followed Bobby Brown wherever he went. Even when he wasn't looking for trouble it usually found him. Numerous attempts saw Bobby Brown cleaning up his act and being successful before falling back off the wagon.

Now with a new marriage, new family, new album and a new outlook on life Bobby Brown is leaving the Bad Boy moniker behind him...for now.

Foxy Brown
Her stage name bares the name Brown which derives from the famous 1970s heroine originated by Pam Grier. Born Inga Fung Marchand the artist known as Foxy Brown is still considered Hip Hop's Bad Girl. She has cooled down her act considerably in the last few years which comes as a breath of fresh air. There was a time where Foxy couldn't keep herself out of trouble.

Foxy Brown has had several high profile run ins with the law, with fans, and with celebrities. Foxy has been pretty quiet on all fronts which is good and bad. It is good to not read about her in the news attacking someone. It is bad that we haven't heard a single musical note from her in years. I think the rapstress secretly bowed out of Rap. She does manage to make special appearances every now and then like with Nicki Minaj in the club or joining friend reggae artist Baby Cham on stage.

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