Janet Jackson Speaks On New Album, Frank Ocean's Album Won't Be Available In Target

Janet Jackson is revealing in the new JET magazine(in which she appears on the cover) that she is signed to Universal Music. Many have been speculating and inquiring when Janet will release a new album but only time will tell. Janet does seem to be more focused on acting nowadays which makes perfect sense. Her music career has stalled somewhat over the years but fans still want music from the superstar. When asked about reuniting with longtime producers Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis Janet is coy not to reveal much. The album is still in its early stages.

Janet's last few albums may of not set the charts on fire but I still think they were pretty good in my opinion. 

Frank Ocean who released his debut album Channel Orange through iTunes earlier in the week will find his first week sales around the 110-125K mark. This is only through digital retailers as the physical album won't be released until July 17. 

It looks like Frank Ocean's sales won't be hurt by retailer Target who refuses to carry the album because of an iTunes exclusive. If anything the larger than expected numbers(which I'm sure will increase next week) will probably have Target wishing they did carry the album. 

Many are questioning the timing of Frank's coming out and his perfectly timed album as a publicity stunt. You know what they say though "There's no such thing as bad publicity". I mean even if it were a publicity stunt he's certainly not the first or last artist to do such a thing. 

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