Chris Brown Fumes Over Album Sales, Frank Ocean Comes Out

Chris Brown is fuming over the estimated first week sales of his new album Fortune. While the album is set to debut at #1 the album's first week sales(estimated at 120,000 - 140,000) is lower than expected. Chris Brown has released about five singles all which have done moderately well on all the charts. However when he pushed the album back in April I think that's what hurt the sales a bit. The album was supposed to be released on May 8. I think he should of kept that date. I really don't know why the album was pushed back in the first place. It's not like he had released a flopped single. Everything was on target for his album to perform well but maybe people are feeling him or the music this time. 

Anyway Chris has reportedly taken to Twitter and UStream expressing his disdain over the low sales week. Instead of bitch about it maybe some appearances wouldn't hurt. 

Frank Ocean has shocked everyone when it was revealed that some of his lyrics on his upcoming album Channel Orange contained lyrics aimed at a man instead of a woman. After the news broke Frank revealed his relationship with a guy when he was 19. The news has caught everyone by surprise but shockingly the response has been pretty positive. 

Frank's Island Def Jam debut album Channel Orange will be in stores and online July 17. I think with this announcement of his more people will be checking for his album. Frank Ocean has always had this mysterious quality to him and with good reason obviously. I'm happy that Frank has chosen to come out and be himself and not worry about what people think of him!
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