Chris Brown Blocks Fans, Game's Upcoming Wedding Back On

Chris Brown has began blocking followers on Twitter that have yet  to buy his newest album Fortune. While Fortune remains in the upper echelon of the charts it hasn't been the swift seller his last album F.A.M.E. was.

There's also been "fans" who have been humiliating Chris Brown by bragging on Twitter that they have downloaded the album and have not bought it. 

What's the reasoning behind the album's lower than expected chart showing? Blame it on a number of factors. The number of pushbacks before the album's release possibly hurt sales quite a bit. Not to mention Chris Brown's increasingly annoying and volatile behavior has obviously turned fans off.

This news just adds to the already increasingly number of headlines that Chris Brown manages to grab throughout the year. Who could forget his lashing out on Twitter for fans not buying Fortune and his allegedly fight with Drake. The sparring led to a few dis records that I myself passed on with good reason.  

Game has called his on again and off again wedding back on. After having a change of heart Game has rescheduled his wedding to late August. 

The upcoming nuptials were to be apart of a reality show that is hoping to be shopped to MTV or VH1. How come not BET? 
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