Album Review: Frank Ocean - channel Orange

Frank Ocean released his Island Def Jam album channel Orange last week; first exclusively to retailer iTunes. It was a move that upset other retailers Target and forced them not to sell the CD. Boy are they regretting that decision now given the first week numbers(estimated at 130,000 copies). 

Starting things off is the mindless intro Start followed by the album's first single Thinkin About You. Originally Thinkin About You was written for a female artist but that didn't stop Frank from putting his own spin of it. 

We go into another mindless interlude and I say that because I don't quite understand some of the interludes just yet. I'm sure with repeated listens I will grasp the true meaning. 

Sierra Leone comes and goes and sets the stage for a number or songs that don't overstay their welcome. Some I wish did especially given the epic 9 minutes and :52 second single Pyramids which is rather unique. 

Some of my favorite songs on the album are: Lost, Forrest Gump, Pilot Jones, Sweet Life, Super Rich Kids, and Monks 

Overall the album is worth the hype and all the publicity definitely helped the album seal a top spot(#2 Pop) on the charts.
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