Aretha Franklin Wants To Be A Judge On American Idol

When I read that headline I thought it was a interesting to say the least. Who wouldn't be intimidated to stand before the Queen Of Soul and sing? Read below to find out why Aretha wants to be down with one of the music themed reality shows: 
Even in her golden years, Aretha Franklin is an active, innovative woman.

Now that she's got a new body, the diva said she's ready to be a judge on any of the popular television competition singing shows.

"I would love to be a judge on one of those shows," she said.

Other singers like Mary J. Blige, Ne Yo, John Legend and Robin Thicke have been guest judges on "American Idol," "Duets," and "The Voice." But Franklin is curious why producers won't choose her.

"I don't understand why singers like myself, Gladys [Knight], Natalie [Cole], and Patti [LaBelle] can't be judges. We never get a call. I don't understand it," she said. "I watch those shows from time to time. Some of the talent is very good. Some of it is fun. And some of it is really wild."

Is there age discrimination taking place here? Or do producers think the divas are too good for the competition?

Or too intimidating … to either the contestants or to Simon and the other judges?

With Jennifer Lopez reportedly vacating her seat at Idol maybe there is an even bigger seat for Aretha Franklin. 
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