4 Things Currently Fascinating Me For Whatever Reason

I'm not sure if I will make this a weekly thing or an once in awhile thing. The verdict is still out nevertheless I bring to you four things that are currently fascinating me for whatever reason. Read on! 

1. Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta 
I had already made the conscience decision to watch Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta. On a separate note VH1's other marquee show Basketball Wives truly wore me out this season. 

Back to Love And Hip Hop though the Atlanta franchise's first episode makes the whole New York franchise look tame. There was definitely no shortage of drama.  That's what we all like right? Drama.

2. Samsung Galaxy III
You know how it is when you see all your friends getting new phones. Then your like damn I need to get a new phone as well. Well since my contract with Sprint is up in July I will be looking to switch carriers and get on a family plan with my Mother. While I'm still debating on which phone to get the new Samsung Galaxy III has caught my interest.

3. Bad Teacher
Bad Teacher was one of the many movies I had on my Netflix queue and like most people I would move up other movies in its place. So there sat Bad Teacher dormant as it constantly kept moving down the list of my queue. Every once in awhile though I decide to leave my list untouched and just let the movies come to me in the order I set them in.

After seeing Bad Teacher starring Cameron Diaz it made me think of what my life might be had I actually went through with being a teacher. A Bad Teacher I would not be! 

4. Miami  vs. OKC
Like many people I've been following the showdown between Miami Heat and OKC Thunder. I love the NBA Finals and I love the adrenaline of it most of all.
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