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Brandy Works With Chris Brown On New Single, Usher Gets Rick Ross On New Single

So word leaked out through Brandy that she first single; "Put It Down" will feature a rap from Chris Brown. Thank goodness. I don't think I can stand to hear his vocals next so a great like Brandy. ha! Chris Brown's voice is very squeaky and at times he sounds like a little boy when he is singing. Personally I don't think Brandy needs a feature but Chris is pretty hot right now so you can't go wrong with a Chris Brown feature.

"Put It Down" is the intended first single from Brandy's upcoming album; "Two Eleven" in stores this July.

Usher will release; "Let Me See" as his new single which features Rick Ross. The song is produced by Jim Jonsin(worked with Lil' Wayne). The song is the second single from Usher's new album; "Looking For Myself" in stores and online June 12.

Usher is pretty consistent album wise so I can see myself possibly liking this album like I do the majority of his music catalog.

News Tidbits:
  • The Game recently tattooed his children's face on his leg.
  • Iggy Azealia responds to Eve who made some not so flattering comments and basically end up not making any sense. She didn't even have to respond.
  • Sole; former rapper and wife of Ginuwine is poised to make a comeback.
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