Artist Spotlight: Azealia Banks

This is my first blog of the month after taking a few days off from blogging. It wasn't by choice I might add. I'm starting this month off with the Artist Spotlight feature; something I haven't done in awhile. If I take the time to make an Artist Spotlight on an artist that most people still don't know about; I must really be a fan and I am.

Azealia Banks is an up and coming rapper who hails from Harlem, New York. The 20 year old is slowly taking the world by storm with her single; "212". Though she hasn't quite made an impact here in the States; her name and brand overseas is making a lot noise. Her single; "212" is the UK Top 20 Charts. She is signed to Interscope Records here in the States home of such artists as 50 Cent and Mary J. Blige. She will release an EP; "1991"(the year she was born) on April 17. The EP will likely feature some songs that have been floating around from the MC including "Fuck Up The Fun", "Liquorice", "Bambi" and more". The rapper did hint that the EP will contain the tracks; "1991"(the title track) and "Grand Prix".

Like most if not all female rappers; Azealia Banks is known for her potty mouth and her constant use of the word "nigga". She is very outspoken and for the last few months has had a little rift with another up and coming female rapper the similarly named; Iggy Azeala. Azealia was upset that she didn't make the coveted XXL MC's to watch out for in 2012. Like many artists; the rapstress took to twitter to air out her frustrations.

With a rapid fire flow and some of the filthiest lyrics you've heard in awhile; I'm definitely anticipating Azealia's new EP and more music to come. If you haven't heard of Azealia; you can check out a few of her songs below.



"Grand Scam(Lyrical Exercise)"


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