Album Review: Monica - New Life

Today Monica releases her seventh studio album; "New Life". The album has been in the works for awhile and suffered a few pushbacks but that's typical among R&B releases. Like many of us I was privy to hear Monica's new album a few days before its physical release. To be honest I wasn't anticipating the album all that much particularly after its long delay and its newest single; the dreadful Brandy duet; "It All Belongs To Me". No matter how much I hear the song; it has yet to grow on me and I don't see it happening. As you would expect I generally skip "It All Belongs To Me" as well as the brainless "New Life(Intro)" featuring Mary J. Blige.

Skip to track #3; "Daddy's Good Girl" is when things start to sound more interesting and listenable. I admit when I first saw the song title; I scratched my head at what the song could possibly be about. I will say its one of the many highlights of the album and a possible contender for a future single as its track #4; "Man Who Has Everything".

"Big Mistake" is also one of Monica's grand ballads that she sells convincingly well. "Take A Chance" featuring Wale is another single contender and seems viable to have that crossover appeal.

"Without You" is another standout produced by Polow Da Don. "Until It's Gone" produced by Missy was the second song released and its still one of my favorites. "Amazing" produced by Jermaine Dupri is a nice track. "Cry" was co-written by Jazmine Sullivan and has a slight retro feel to it. "Time To Move On" is decent and the "New Life(Outro)" closes things out.

The deluxe version of "New Life" features four extra tracks including "Breathe", "In 3D"(co-written by Monica), "Catch Me", and the first single release; "Anything(To Find You)" featuring Rick Ross.

All in all Monica has released a solid R&B album and its much better; in my opinion than 2010's "Still Standing".
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