Usher Urges People To Stop Buying Adele's Album

Though its said to be a joke; Usher is worried the famed singer will break his record breaking album; "Confessions" which has sold in excess of 9 million copies alone in the US. Read more below:

Usher has jokingly urged people to stop buying Adele's album.

The US singer's 2004 LP Confessions is currently the best-selling album of the 2000s, although Adele is now close to breaking that record with 21.

"If I have to confess, I have to confess that I have told a few people not to go and buy Adele's album because I don't want her to go and break my record," Usher told the Capital Breakfast Show with Dave Berry & Lisa Snowdon.

"No actually, I love her. Unfortunately, she's the closest to breaking my record for the last ten years. So now guys, don't go and buy that album right now."

The singer is currently promoting his upcoming seventh studio LP, with the lead single 'Climax' to be released on April 16.

Usher also confirmed that he will be collaborating with Labrinth for his new album. He revealed that he is a fan of Labrinth and seized the opportunity to get to know the British musician during his tour with rapper Tinie Tempah.
I'm not sure when Usher's new album is coming out but I'm hoping its hot. Usher is usually pretty consistent album wise so I'm sure I won't be let down. "Climax" is one of my favorite songs right now so its only right that I'm anticipating his upcoming album.
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