Lil' Kim On MTV, Andre 3000 Speaks On Not Appearing In Videos

Lil' Kim appeared on MTV's "Rap Fix Live" with VJ Sway Calloway. Lil' Kim talked about some of her experiences with Biggie. One incident(which I remember hearing about) was that Biggie dragged her by her coat when she was caught talking to Mr. Dalvin of Jodeci. The famed group had been feuding with Diddy at the time. Biggie and Diddy felt Kim(along with Keisha of another famed group Total) were being disrespectful by talking to their foes(at the time).

She also spoke candidly about Whitney Houston involving a flight where she claims Whitney talked her head off(in a good way of course). Kim shared this story on Bravo's "Watch! What Happens Live" as well. She also spoke about Whitney Houston giving her advice for dealing with a stalker.

Of course Lil' Kim talked music but she didn't divulge much because there seems like there isn't much to divulge anyway. I know Kim has been keeping a tight lip on what she's doing musically but her fans keep asking. It had been announced some while back that Lil' Kim had signed to Universal Records. She revealed that she had a couple of deals on the table but nothing concrete. Looks like we will be waiting even longer for an album. She did give hope to those inquiring that she will periodically release new music to the masses.

I remember people making a big deal as to why Andre 3000 wasn't in the video for Beyonce's "Party" or his other collaborations as well. Now Andre 3000 has spoken out! He reveals there were never any agreements to film videos for his collaborations but to simply lay down vocals.
He also didn't want to appear disrespectful to his musical partner; Big Boi(of Outkast) by appearing in videos(for those artists) when they haven't cut an album in some years.

I understand what he's saying...I guess. Most people figured he was being difficult and not easy to work with. I think some of that may be true just because.
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