Brandy Names New Album, Beyonce's New Movie Role

I'm thinking once a week or maybe a few times a week; I will be doing just what you see now; blogging. Besides just reporting news that I find from various media outlets; I will also start speaking more on several news stories as they are released. I will not hold back on what I say but also attempt to keep it classy. Wish me luck guys!

I'll start by discussing one of my favorite singers in recent years; Ms. Brandy Norwood. I can say I haven't been happy with all her acting choices lately but that's a whole different subject. What I have been anticipating is some music and I have some music news regarding her newly titled album set for release this June. A few days ago Brandy revealed that the title of her upcoming album is "Two Eleven". The album's title is significant because "Two Eleven" is Brandy's birthday but also the day we lost Whitney Houston. Brandy was really close to Whitney Houston and idolized her since childhood.

The upcoming album is said to feature production work from Drake, Chris Brown, Sean Garrett, Frank Ocean, Timbaland, and Rodney Jerkins. It seems like Brandy is going all out with this album which is exactly what she needs to do. Meanwhile you all can catch Brandy on her duet with Monica; "It All Belongs To Me". The video to the song is set to premiere later today.

Now I move on to new Mommy herself; Mrs. Shawn Carter herself; Beyonce who has been pretty quiet in the news lately. Well now its been revealed that Beyonce is set to star in a new movie alongside Gwenyth Paltrow and Reese Witherspoon. The movie; "One Hit Wonders" deals with former stars who band together to reclaim their glory days.

It's pretty easy for Beyonce to play a singer since she is already a singer. That's what you call easy money. I don't expect much in the acting department here from Beyonce. Do you?

Every time I see Willow Smith she has a new hair style. I just saw a picture of her and her hair was green! I think its safe to say that Willow Smith changes her hair style more than Rihanna and Nicki Minaj combined. To me; it seems like Willow does what she wants; when she wants.

Speaking of green hair; Pharrell Williams of The Neptunes was also spotted with green hair. What is going on in the world?

Just when I was starting to question Lil' Wayne's fashion sense; it all makes sense now. His style is that of a skater boy. I just put it together. I just saw a picture of him in a weird outfit and it begged the question "Who styles Wayne?". I think he styles his damn self. Not to take anything away from skater boy's(of the world)because that is their style of dress. I have seen Wayne on skateboards on several occasions so its something he is embracing. I just think and I'm sure I'm not alone in saying this is that you would expect Lil' Wayne to dress a little differently. Then again Lil' Wayne is outlandish so the same should be expected as far as his personal style is concerned.
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