Ashanti Unveils New Album Tracklisting...Sort Of

Ashanti had a listening party for her new album; "Braveheart" in stores and online April 17. The songs listed below(which were played at the party) are 90% likely to appear on her album once its said and done.

Some of the tracks include the Rico Love produced; "Perfect So Far". R. Kelly duets on "That's What We Do". Keyshia Cole joins Ashanti on "Woman To Woman" which is said to also be the title of Keyshia Cole's upcoming album.

1. 'Mine'
2. 'Get it'
3. 'The Woman You Love' feat. Busta Rhymes
4. 'Perfect So Far'
5. 'Don't Tell Me No'
6. 'Paradise'
7. 'Three Words'
8. 'Never Should Have'
9. 'Bona fide Survivor'
10. 'That's What We Do' feat. R. Kelly
11. 'R.I.P.'
12. 'Woman to Woman' feat. Keyshia Cole
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