Music Commentary: Nicki Minaj's Alter Ego Roman

A few days ago Nicki Minaj leaked out the title track; "Roman Reloaded" from her upcoming album in stores and online April 3. The song immediately began trending on twitter and was one of the trending topics for three straight days.

Roman Zolanski; Nicki's gay alter ego's name is a take on troubled movie director; Roman Polanski(director of the movie; "Rosemary's Baby"). I think Nicki even addressed the similarities in name but downplayed the comparisons. How typical of her!

Now Roman is taking center stage as Nicki prepares her new album release. It's pretty evident on the title track; "Roman Reloaded". Many balked at the album title and rightfully so. Many were confused if the album was a re release or a new album. Instead the album is more like a continuation of the first album. With that being said; you can expect your mix of Pop tunes a la the recently released; "Starships" and high octane energy tracks like "Check It Out".

Now on to "Roman Reloaded"...

What makes this track so interesting to me is that it doesn't feature Roman's trademark high pitched voice. Instead we get an aggressive rap vocal from Nicki Minaj who is out to prove her doubters wrong. The song is not complete without a few jabs aimed at Lil' Kim especially after her recent on air TV interview. The song reminds listeners why many of us first fell in love with Nicki.

While some of us were already in love with Nicki Minaj; she definitely gained more fans when she released the red hot scorcher; "Roman's Revenge".

I would describe the song as "epic". The sound of the song is pretty sparse as far as instrumentation goes. It brings Roman's vocals to the forefront. Nicki or should I say Roman goes in on this track leaving no question as to who this song is really about. The song featured Eminem channeling his own alter ego; Slim Shady. The song was released shortly before the release of "Pink Friday" and was the perfect track to cement the buzz on "Pink Friday".

After Roman sought revenge and definitely got it; he vacated to Moscow and released the teaser track; "Roman In Moscow". I remember hearing the song and I don't remember much else after that. I definitely knew I didn't like it and didn't listen to it again. Obviously I wasn't the only person who felt that way. Response to the track was underwhelming and the song was deemed a buzz single.

Roman proclaimed his arrival through a controversial Grammy performance earlier this month. The song "Roman Holiday" was heard and performed for the first time and drew a lot of criticism. It left many of us scratching our heads. I think everyone agreed that Nicki should of simply performed "Super Bass" but Roman had to have his way. What a brat!
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