Music Commentary: Love & Reality TV

Many famed couples have given us an inside look into their private lives. Many of these reality TV shows are used primarily as a means of promotion. Usually following the release or finale of these perspective reality shows would follow concerts, albums, movies, and things of the like.

Famed couples; whether they star in reality TV shows together or star in movies or (music) videos together; its usually a sign of doom for the relationship.

Check out my list of famed couples from over the years; some still in union; some are not who have or will star in reality TV shows!

Keyshia Cole & Daniel "Boobie" Gibson
Keyshia Cole is no stranger to reality TV having starred in a pair of successful BET shows. Now the singer is again domination the reality TV realm with an upcoming show; "Family First". The network airing the show has yet to be announced but you can expect an announcement soon.

Nas & Kelis

We never got to see Nas and Kelis' MTV reality show but word is the show was deemed "too boring" that the show ended up on the cutting room floor.

Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown
We remember what many describe as a "train wreck" of a show; "Being Bobby Brown" which aired on the Bravo channel back in 2005. The show gave us an inside look of the wacky and tumultuous marriage between the late Whitney Houston and her husband; Bobby Brown. The show was pretty entertaining and unfortunately word that Whitney Houston never signed off for the show to get a proper DVD release. Bummer!

Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey

Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey was the resident couple of MTV for awhile with their hit show; "Newlyweds". After Jessica Simpson's star started to rise; Jessica and Nick's relationship started to fall apart.

T.I. & Tiny
T.I & Tiny can currently be seen on their hit VH1 reality show; "A Family Hustle". The couple has been together for many years and have many children together and outside their marriage. Only time will tell how long these lovebirds will hang on but I'm not one to count any relationship out. Based on what we see on TV anyway; their union seems pretty strong to me.

Britney Spears & Kevin Federline
I would be lying if I told you I watched or even remember Britney Spears and ex-husband; Kevin Federlines UPN reality show. I can't even remember the name of it but like "Being Bobby Brown"; it was hailed as a "train wreck". "Train wreck" was a phrase used to describe a lot of the reality TV shows in the late 00's.

The union between Britney and Kevin was short lived and the couple eventually divorced.
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