Music Commentary: Brandy & Ray J: The Ups & Downs

Brother and sister combo; Brandy and Ray J have been in the music business for many many years. Both have faced many hardships in their perspective careers most notably the death of Whitney Houston; both were really close to. Their relationship with Whitney Houston is just the beginning of the tumultuous ups and downs this brother and sister combo has endured.

Through every storm; Brandy and Ray J has rose above the adversity and are both two of the most talked about celebrities in R&B music.

I'll start things off with Whitney Houston...

Whitney Houston's death definitely is affecting both Brandy and Ray J. Ray J was rumored to be dating Whitney and whether he was or not has never been confirmed. Either he was a very close male associate to Whitney.

Brandy cites Whitney as one of her major influences and she had many songs dedicated to her on her self titled 1994 debut album. She also starred with Whitney in ABC's adaption of "Cinderella". Sadly Whitney Houston was planning a surprise birthday party for Brandy before her death.

Now on to Kim Kardashian...

Kim Kardashian is another name associated with both Brandy and Ray J. Ray J infamously dated Kardashian as well as making a sex tape which catapulted Kardashian to fame. Brandy was a close friend of Kim's and Kim was once Brandy's stylist. Brandy will star with Kardashian in Tyler Perry's upcoming movie; "The Marriage Counselor" in theaters this summer.

Now everything in the music biz is "Fabolous" as Ray J would learn...

A few months ago Ray J made news when he had an alleged fight with rapper Fabolous. The singer took to the radio to voice his side of the fight and in the end it just made him look rather...stupid.

Tragedy would strike...

We can't forget a few years ago when Brandy had a car accident which resulted in the death of a woman.

Things started looking up for Brandy and Ray J...

When they inked a reality show; "Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business" on VH1. The show lasted for two seasons and led to new recording contracts for both siblings. It also led to other reality shows; "For The Love Of Ray J"(which actually came before "Brandy & Ray J") and Brandy having numerous roles on "The Game" and "Drop Dead Diva".
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