Drake A Diva, Ashanti Drops The Ball, Jill Scott Beef

Hello all! There are a couple of music news stories that I wanted to talk about in depth so this post is a little lengthy but worth reading; I assure you. I'll start off with Mr. Drake who is riding high with hit singles; "The Motto" and "Take Care". He also recently ended his petty feud with Common. Now Drake is being called a diva and properly worse by the people at Vibe after this fiasco...

I was watching "The Wendy Williams Show" the other day and she spoke about Drake during her "Hot Topics" segment. Apparently he was supposed to appear on the newest issue of Vibe magazine but the magazine ditched him. Allegedly the rapper was acting like a "diva" and the magazine opted for his own label mate; Nicki Minaj!

Word is that Drake beefed with the stylist over clothes; showed up late to the set; and drove off in his Jeep.

I wonder what is going on with Ms. Ashanti and her video to her single; "The Woman You Love" featuring Busta Rhymes. The song leaked out back in January and a teaser of the video was released almost two weeks ago. My question is "Where is the video" and "Where is the promotion". Actually that is two questions. I have more but I'll stop there. I'm just wondering what's going on. It seems like she dropped the ball already on the single.

There have been stories about her signing to Cash Money Records but I never heard her come out and deny the story either.

Tamia alerted her twitter followers that this Friday; March 2; she will likely release the lead track from her album; "Beautiful Surprise". The album of the same name is said to follow in the Spring.

I like Tamia but she is kinda hit or miss for me like Tank. I like some songs and some others are just blah!

Like Ashanti; Tamia is an independent artist and she did pretty well for herself as an indie artist.

I was told a couple of days ago that Jill Scott got into a twitter war with some of Nicki Minaj fans. Apparently the Philly diva was asked about Nicki's Grammy performance and her reply was "Umm". Well the reaction rubbed Nicki's fans the wrong way and they attacked Jilly in response. Not one to be outdone; Jilly came back with some scathing remarks to Nicki's fans. Pure Comedy from what I was told!
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