Rihanna Speaks On Her Fellow Competion

We all know that Rihanna is a force to be reckoned with. With each album; the singer's rep grows bigger and so does the singles. Rihanna took time out to speak about who she sees as her competitor and what artist inspires her. Read more below:

It's good to see that she knows she's a berluddy good popstar, telling Look magazine; "There's nobody really in my league," when asked who she sees herself in competition with.

"But there's competition everywhere. The whole music industry is competition. There are people who like other artists, those who like me and others who like both."

"Beyonce is a great artist and I feel honoured to be mentioned in the same sentence, but we're different performers with different styles."

So who does someone as huge as Rihanna look to for inspiration?

"Madonna," she reveals. "She reinvented her style and music with success every single time, and at the same time remained a real force. She's fantastic."
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