Lil' Kim Upsets Fans By Witholding New Music

Lil' Kim fans are mad at her because she has put her upcoming EP and as well as her upcoming album on hold. Why do you ask? Because the rapper wants to be close to friend; boxer Floyd Mayweather while he stands trail. The famed boxer is on trial for alleged domestic violence act against the mother of his children.

During her visit to court; I believe the announcement had been made by Kim that her music was currently being withheld by choice.

In other Lil' Kim news; her new album is reportedly titled; "2012" which coincides with the current year and her "supposed" return to music. If Kim keeps pushing her music back; chances are there will be no 2012 release. Period!

Personally I think Lil' Kim doesn't want to release any new music right now since her adversary Nicki Minaj currently has new music out as well. Yes! I think Kim is scared of the competition and possibly being humiliated. Nicki Minaj recently released her newest single; "Stupid Hoe" which is a diss to Lil' Kim. Kim likely returned to the studio to redo or record new tracks to respond to Nicki's latest diss. Who knows?
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