Is Lil' Kim The Subject Of A Newly Leaked Song By Maino?

I wonder how Olivia(rumored to be his current girlfriend) feels about this. Ha! Maybe its an old song or then again maybe its new. Anyway a song leaked out from rapper Maino which many are speculating to be about his past relationship and affiliation with Lil' Kim. Read more for info and some choice lyrics:

This morning, a track popped up by Lil Kim’s old flame Maino, the rapper famous for his street banger “Hi Hater,” called “I Still Love You,” and it’s raising a few eyebrows. The subject of the new song is a chick he used to hold down whom he misses. She’s a veteran in the industry and he even got into some rapper beef over her. Although he doesn’t use Kim’s name, he drops enough clues in the first verse for you to guess the “queen’s” identity.

But it’s nice that someone out there is sending subliminal shots infused with a little positivity these days, especially when they’re aimed at Lil’ Kim who’s experienced her fair share of scrutiny over recent years.

“Everybody knew I took n*ggas to war for you/all the times you said the industry fake don’t let it fool me/The jewels that you dropped on the game you used to school me”

“I rolled with you straight to the jail that’s how I do/Kites to the joint expressing how much I love you/Still a queen even in greens”

“Things change/you came home and we moving different/emotions now getting involved/we in our feelings/fighting and we arguing shit we never used to do/ we don’t even speak no more/you was claiming I was using you”

“I still love you though.”
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