Keith Sweat Renames New Album, Keri Hilson Working On New Album

Keith Sweat has renamed his new album; "Till The Morning" originally titled; "Open Invitation". A week later; Tyrese is to release his album of the same name. So to avoid any confusion or overall disdain; Keith Sweat made a last minute album title change which is smart in his case. Then too; it would of been a nice marketing scheme to keep the title as is. It could of even went as far as to which "Open Invitation" album is better. Anyway...

Click here to see the cover of the new Keith Sweat album.

Keri Hilson has announced that she is working on a third album. This isn't really news to me because I did read awhile back that she was. It may be news to some of you though. She describes the new album as "emotional". Okay!

What boggles me is why Keri still insists on releasing yet another single from her current album; "No Boys Allowed". The album has been finished and no single following "Pretty Girl Rock" has been able to revive it. It's like stop beating the dead horse. Move on to the next album!

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