Artists With Facial Tattoos

I, myself just recently got another tattoo but having one on my face is not something I think I would EVER do. That's just me though. You know what they say; "different strokes, different folks".

The following artists mentioned below are not only known for their music but their body art namely their facial tattoo art. Most of it is mind boggling to say the least.
Check out the list below:

Rick Ross

Rick Ross surprised everyone when he got the name of a designer or sun glass brand tattooed underneath his eye.

Lil' Wayne
Lil' Wayne is not for many things and the various tattoos on his face is one of them.

Like Lil' Wayne Birdman has a variety of tattoos on his face as well.

Game has a big red star on his face. Of course the move surprised a lot of people.
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