Eve Releasing New Single This Summer

Titled; "Mama's In The Kitchen", the song sounds like it has all the makings of being a summertime hit. The song is produced by Swizz Beats and features him as well. Swizz is one of my producers along with Salaam Remi(worked with Amy Winehouse) on Eve's upcoming album; "Lip Lock".

I'm interested in this new Eve album but I'm still scratching my head at the title. I need for her to explain the meaning behind it. If she has already, I must of just missed the memo.

I just read that Beyonce's second single is not "1+1" but the Babyface produced song; "Best Thing I Never Had". The song is set to debut June 1.

There's been a lot of confusion regarding Beyonce's second single. First it was rumored to be "End Of Time", then "1+1" and now "Best Thing I Never Had". In a minute we will have all heard the whole album; its only 12 tracks. I'm not complaining though just saying. I'm liking "1+1" and she did perform it on "Idol" and put it on iTunes so...anyway its nothing out of the ordinary. Artists nowadays have at least two songs or more out before their album is released. It's just the way things are nowadays.

The title for Olivia's new album has been revealed; "Show The World" and it will be released this September. Olivia's current song; "December" is languishing at the bottom of the R&B charts. Olivia's new label is said to be revealed on the second season of "Love & Hip Hop".

Well its nice that Olivia is getting yet another chance but she really has a lot to prove. All of her deals prior to this has found her getting dropped. I prefer Olivia singing over some harder edged beats instead of songs like "December" but whatever.
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