Producer Spotlight: Dre & Vidal

Dre & Vidal are disciples of DJ Jazzy Jeff of DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince fame. Born Andre Harris and Vidal Davis, this talented production duo has produced more hit singles than your probably aware of.

In the beginning they worked closely with Jill Scott and Musiq. Over the years they built a repertoire of hits that you see below. Check it out!

  • Oh, Ciara feat. Ludacris
  • Caught Up, Usher
  • Yo(Excuse Me Miss), Chris Brown
  • So Simple, Alicia Keys
  • Butterflies, Michael Jackson
  • Father In You, Mary J. Blige
  • Before She Said Hi, Mario feat. Big Sean
  • Clown, Mariah Carey
  • Getting Late, Floetry
  • The Way, Jill Scott
  • War With God, Ludacris
  • I Nominate You, Fantasia
  • Love, Musiq
  • Store Run, Trey Songz
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