Trina Pushes Up Release Date For New Album!

Good news! It is not very often when an album is pushed up. Instead of the June 8 release date, Trina will release her long awaited album, 'Amazin' a month earlier; May 4. Trina recently conducted an interview online and she gushed about all the collaborations for the new album including Lady GaGa[on 'Let Them Hoes Fight], Nicki Minaj[on 'Dang A Lang'], Lyfe Jennings, Ludacris, Plies, Monica[on 'I Want It All'], Rick Ross, and Trey Songz. Trina also mentioned one of her favorite songs 'Capricorn' which she describes as a poetic track in the vein of Lauryn Hill. Sounds interesting huh? I'm eager to hear how this album will shape up.

Not only will Rick Ross be appearing on Trina's new album; he will be releasing another album sometime this year I'm assuming. I'm not really sure. I did read though that his new album will be called, 'Teflon Don' and a song recently leaked entitled, 'Mafia Music 2'. What is with Rick Ross and all these part twos to songs?

Monica has had so many setbacks with upcoming album, 'Still Standing' its not even funny. Her new single, 'Everything To Me' leaked out and has gotten a great response for the most part. Now I was reading about people commenting that the song was not long enough. The song was originally made short to evoke the same length a lot of classic records featured which was under three minutes. It seems to me like Monica is trying to hard to please everybody and you simply cannot. I think they should of just did the single edit of the song like they planned and the album version could be extended if need be.

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