Wendy Williams' Most Famous Feuds!

Before she turned into a TV talk show host, Wendy Williams was known for being a notorious, nosy, on-air personality that asked all the questions everyone is dying to know. Over the years Wendy has had beef with many celebrities for quoting news stories or should I say gossip. Check out some of her most well-documented feuds.

My knowledge on this story is a little vague. I do remember though there was a story about 2Pac in jail and getting raped or having sex with a man. It was a strange story to say the least.

Method Man
Wendy reported some news regarding Method Man having an affair and once the rapper caught wind of the story, he recorded a video dissing and threatening Wendy. Scary stuff!

Chris Brown
Wendy being the person she is, she is known to say some pretty off the wall stuff. Whatever Wendy said about Chris(probably in regards to Rihanna), it rubbed Chris the wrong way and he later tweeted about it. The two have since made up and Chris will appear on Wendy's show this Friday.

Lil' Wayne
Once Wendy poked fun at Lil' Wayne's looks, the rapper responded by dissing Wendy in one of his songs. I can't remember exactly what he said but it might of been something along the lines of her looking like a man; something that Wendy acknowledges from time to time.

When Wendy insinuated that Diddy was gay or there were some explicit photos in existence, Diddy sent the goon squad in on Wendy. The move forced Wendy off the air for awhile but Wendy would bounce back like the trooper she is.

So there you all go...another music feed. I have truly been on a roll with these this month and it will continue.

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