K. Michelle says she's not dating and The Weeknd said to appear on "Empire"

K. Michelle says she's not dating Safaree, ex boyfriend of Nicki Minaj. The rumors have intensified based on the constant interaction between the two via social media. Safaree sent K. flowers and she posted it on Instagram. There were several other examples but I've had a brain freeze. But like K. said she's not dating Safaree. Can't say I blame her. I always thought he was gay. :) Speaking of gay, Lee Daniels, creator of "Empire" is eyeing The Weeknd to appear on season 2 of the hit show. What do you all think about that? I would say his hit single, "Earned It" played a big part in that. But can The Weeknd act? I guess we shall see. And at this point it seems like anyone whose anyone is being considered for "Empire" must be nice. I remember when they ran that contest for the viewers about a walk on role on the show. You know I applied! And Chris Brown was being blamed for yet another fiasco, this time on a plane. The story was that Brown blew marijuana smoke into a flight attendant's face. But Brown came forward and say the story is not true and in fact it was his friend who was causing trouble on the plane, not him. Happy? Chris Brown is trying to stay out of trouble!
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